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Borrego Springs Time-Lapse Video Library

This page shows listings of time-lapse videos in MP4 format recorded by BoblandUSA's weather cams located at the Borrego Springs weather station. Four HD video cameras record Borrego Springs skies 24 hours a day 7 days a week with videos saved in MP4 format in 3-hour segments scheduled as follows: 12AM to 3 AM, 3 AM to 6 AM, 6 AM to 9 AM, 9 AM to 12 PM, 12 PM to 3 PM, 3 PM to 6 PM, 6 PM to 9 PM, 9 PM to 12 AM
Below shows facing of each cam (NORTH is UP). Open weather cam page HERE:
cam map

Viewing and Saving
To view videos Left-Click on the file names to play
To SAVE video to your computer Right-Click and select "Save File/Link As" option
(NOTE: Time shown in file names = video Start times)

Filename Type Size (bytes)
Cam1.20170909_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,091,371
Cam1.20170910_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,881,550
Cam1.20170911_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,145,167
Cam1.20170912_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,913,316
Cam1.20170913_120000.mp4 MP4 File 3,853,680
Cam1.20170913_152515.mp4 MP4 File 340,126
Cam1.20170914_150000.mp4 MP4 File 8,901,030
Cam1.20170914_163537.mp4 MP4 File 8,027,058
Cam1.20170914_180000.mp4 MP4 File 14,486,840
Cam1.20170914_210000.mp4 MP4 File 9,617,209
Cam1.20170914_234353.mp4 MP4 File 943,879
Cam1.20170915_000000.mp4 MP4 File 10,157,283
Cam1.20170915_030000.mp4 MP4 File 12,435,618
Cam1.20170915_060000.mp4 MP4 File 13,560,139
Cam1.20170915_090000.mp4 MP4 File 13,755,320
Cam1.20170915_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,834,362
Cam1.20170915_122513.mp4 MP4 File 11,536,623
Cam1.20171210_234324.mp4 MP4 File 861,292
Cam1.20171211_000000.mp4 MP4 File 10,491,252
Cam1.20171211_030000.mp4 MP4 File 12,454,301
Cam1.20171211_060000.mp4 MP4 File 14,895,043
Cam1.20171211_090000.mp4 MP4 File 13,961,325
Cam1.20171211_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,834,686
Cam1.20171211_122509.mp4 MP4 File 11,053,440
Cam1.20171211_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,964,738
Cam1.20171211_163444.mp4 MP4 File 8,415,052
Cam1.20171211_180000.mp4 MP4 File 10,502,874
Cam1.20171211_210000.mp4 MP4 File 8,920,470
Cam1.20171211_234326.mp4 MP4 File 815,390
Cam1.20171212_000000.mp4 MP4 File 9,696,724
Cam1.20171212_030000.mp4 MP4 File 11,425,652
Cam1.20171212_060000.mp4 MP4 File 13,323,395
Cam1.20171212_090000.mp4 MP4 File 10,855,263
Cam1.20171212_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,657,890
Cam1.20171212_122507.mp4 MP4 File 11,431,844
Cam1.20171212_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,733,714
Cam1.20171212_163615.mp4 MP4 File 8,447,563
Cam1.20171212_180000.mp4 MP4 File 10,036,613
Cam1.20171212_210000.mp4 MP4 File 4,130,417
Cam2.20170912_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,310,565
Cam2.20170913_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,752,841
Cam2.20170913_152514.mp4 MP4 File 290,559
Cam2.20170914_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,812,277
Cam2.20170914_163537.mp4 MP4 File 5,798,293
Cam2.20170914_180000.mp4 MP4 File 36,688,599
Cam2.20170914_210000.mp4 MP4 File 16,707,931
Cam2.20170914_234353.mp4 MP4 File 1,687,815
Cam2.20170915_000000.mp4 MP4 File 18,733,635
Cam2.20170915_030000.mp4 MP4 File 42,182,511
Cam2.20170915_060000.mp4 MP4 File 15,842,868
Cam2.20170915_090000.mp4 MP4 File 12,575,784
Cam2.20170915_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,424,395
Cam2.20170915_122513.mp4 MP4 File 8,798,551
Cam2.20171210_234324.mp4 MP4 File 1,759,370
Cam2.20171211_000000.mp4 MP4 File 20,996,608
Cam2.20171211_030000.mp4 MP4 File 20,682,225
Cam2.20171211_060000.mp4 MP4 File 13,999,131
Cam2.20171211_090000.mp4 MP4 File 14,785,589
Cam2.20171211_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,912,096
Cam2.20171211_122509.mp4 MP4 File 10,579,559
Cam2.20171211_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,329,828
Cam2.20171211_163444.mp4 MP4 File 7,409,686
Cam2.20171211_180000.mp4 MP4 File 21,069,681
Cam2.20171211_210000.mp4 MP4 File 18,918,056
Cam2.20171211_234326.mp4 MP4 File 1,847,649
Cam2.20171212_000000.mp4 MP4 File 20,538,138
Cam2.20171212_030000.mp4 MP4 File 19,772,695
Cam2.20171212_060000.mp4 MP4 File 10,508,324
Cam2.20171212_090000.mp4 MP4 File 11,205,601
Cam2.20171212_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,568,773
Cam2.20171212_122507.mp4 MP4 File 10,846,350
Cam2.20171212_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,337,939
Cam2.20171212_163615.mp4 MP4 File 7,136,520
Cam2.20171212_180000.mp4 MP4 File 21,251,943
Cam2.20171212_210000.mp4 MP4 File 11,169,581
Cam3.20170908_163420.mp4 MP4 File 147,058
Cam3.20170909_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,045,468
Cam3.20170910_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,801,294
Cam3.20170911_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,669,854
Cam3.20170912_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,979,473
Cam3.20170913_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,920,153
Cam3.20170913_152515.mp4 MP4 File 281,935
Cam3.20170914_150000.mp4 MP4 File 8,107,696
Cam3.20170914_163537.mp4 MP4 File 6,629,099
Cam3.20170914_180000.mp4 MP4 File 9,196,872
Cam3.20170914_210000.mp4 MP4 File 2,821,365
Cam3.20170914_234353.mp4 MP4 File 313,418
Cam3.20170915_000000.mp4 MP4 File 3,359,834
Cam3.20170915_030000.mp4 MP4 File 5,822,871
Cam3.20170915_060000.mp4 MP4 File 15,589,309
Cam3.20170915_090000.mp4 MP4 File 18,102,213
Cam3.20170915_120000.mp4 MP4 File 2,380,929
Cam3.20171210_234323.mp4 MP4 File 251,723
Cam3.20171211_000000.mp4 MP4 File 2,984,977
Cam3.20171211_030000.mp4 MP4 File 4,245,362
Cam3.20171211_060000.mp4 MP4 File 15,603,283
Cam3.20171211_090000.mp4 MP4 File 15,251,674
Cam3.20171211_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,910,500
Cam3.20171211_122509.mp4 MP4 File 11,880,455
Cam3.20171211_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,192,605
Cam3.20171211_163444.mp4 MP4 File 5,167,146
Cam3.20171211_180000.mp4 MP4 File 2,697,176
Cam3.20171211_210000.mp4 MP4 File 2,553,566
Cam3.20171211_234327.mp4 MP4 File 268,696
Cam3.20171212_000000.mp4 MP4 File 3,053,220
Cam3.20171212_030000.mp4 MP4 File 5,164,597
Cam3.20171212_060000.mp4 MP4 File 13,695,254
Cam3.20171212_090000.mp4 MP4 File 12,963,721
Cam3.20171212_120000.mp4 MP4 File 1,982,002
Cam3.20171212_122507.mp4 MP4 File 12,094,153
Cam3.20171212_150000.mp4 MP4 File 6,097,212
Cam3.20171212_163615.mp4 MP4 File 5,257,223
Cam3.20171212_180000.mp4 MP4 File 2,803,926
Cam3.20171212_210000.mp4 MP4 File 1,855,174
Cam4.20170908_163420.mp4 MP4 File 125,370
Cam4.20170909_120000.mp4 MP4 File 3,607,070
Cam4.20170910_120000.mp4 MP4 File 3,159,079
Cam4.20170911_120000.mp4 MP4 File 3,141,026
Cam4.20170912_120000.mp4 MP4 File 3,083,085
Cam4.20170913_120000.mp4 MP4 File 366,395
Timelapse.php PHP Script 30,286

*IMPORTANT!!! Because all four cameras are constantly recording following the schedule shown below, the four latest listings in the library browser file list will be Open Files that are being written to as they are recording.  Therefore the four newest files listed will not be fully viewable/downloadable until they have finshed recording..


* Daily updates occur at 9 AM to 10 AM, 4PM to 5PM and 8PM to 9PM adding new videos and removing videos older than 48-hours.
* All videos are recorded in 3-hour segments using identical Start/Stop times (see schedule below).
*   All cameras use the same time-lapse ratio of 1 key-frame / 20 seconds
*   Time-Lapse video/viewing running time = approximately 30 seconds PER 3-hour video segments
*   Videos are recorded constantly, 24/7, meaning night time video is recorded as well.  The pitch black skies in Borrego make for a unique canvas when night time thunderstorms occur.
*   SCHEDULE-All cameras use the following Start/Stop times
(NOTE: Times shown in file names = video Start times) :
> 12 AM to 3 AM
>  3 AM to 6 AM
>  6 AM to 9 AM
>  9 AM to 12 PM
>  12 PM to 3 PM
>  3 PM to 6 PM
>  6 PM to 9 PM
>  9 PM to 12 AM

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